Knowing Executive Chef Salary

If you have ever watched the Hell’s Kitchen show, a reality TV series created by celebrity British chef Gordon James Ramsay, you would have realized how interesting this job can be. All it requires is an uncanny knack to understand the finer points of cooking. Not surprisingly, in recent years, an increasingly large number of students have opted for courses related to this field. Simultaneously, the number of hotel management and culinary schools have also increased in the endeavor to impart quality education and skills. Being a chef can be a rewarding career choice, as this industry has excellent career opportunities.

Average Pay Range

Executive chefs are the highest-paid among all chefs in the culinary world. Their salary depends on the following factors:

  • Years of work experience
  • Type of employer
  • Work location
  • Size of the hotel/restaurant
  • Educational qualifications

In general, a high school qualification is the minimum requirement, but nowadays, just a high school diploma is not enough, unless it is backed by some excellent work experience. Normally, a bachelor’s degree in hotel management or culinary sciences is preferred by employers.

The salary per year, according to data compiled in 2010, for those having a work experience of around four to five years is between USD 35,000 to USD 50,000. Those placed in luxury hotels and restaurants in the top cities command higher salaries than those working in small-time restaurants. Those who are hired for large-scale corporate firms earn a decent pay and also enjoy benefits like accommodation, health insurance, and other benefits. They are responsible for preparing meals and other dishes for corporate and business events. The salary for skilled and experienced professionals is between USD 50,000 to USD 90,000. Generally, those hired in corporate firms are the ones who have many years of work experience. Salaries in the range of USD 70,000 to USD 90,000 are possible after a chef has invested many years in the profession.

Job Summary

The executive chef basically manages the entire kitchen. The job entails various other management activities related to the hotel industry. These professionals monitor the entire cooking process, design menus, ensure hygiene of the kitchen, oversee and train staff members, and look after all aspects of customer satisfaction. Starting from something as simple as tablecloth to keeping an eye on the quality of food served, they hold a very responsible position. Besides, they also manage budgets and accounting related to the kitchen. They have to look after food store rooms, ensuring that the items don’t perish under unfavorable weather conditions. Lastly, they should be abreast with the latest trends in the food and beverage industry.

Being a chef is definitely a challenging job and requires complete dedication to one’s craft. Though the salary can be a criterion for choosing this career, love for good food and a passion for cooking remain paramount to succeed in this job.

Tips on Finding Best Benidorm Spain Hotels

download-14In order to find cheap Spain hotels, a little research on internet is worth. Spend two or three dedicated hours to find an accommodation falling in your budget. Most of the times, you’re able to hit a good deal. Apart from this, there are several websites that feature hottest and latest hotel deals and discounts. You can visit those websites and take advantage the lucrative offers featured on them. You’ll surely get something suiting your requirements. Other than this, you also have an option to seek services of tour and travel companies. They offer you complete assistance in making travel and lodging arrangements according to your requirements and preferences.

Benidorm Spain hotels are available in all budgets. Even if you are looking for a luxurious stay in this beautiful city, trust you’ll have a lifetime experience. They offer you a wonderful stay along with all latest facilities.

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Spain attracts millions of visitors every year from all corners of the world. Having hundreds of beaches throwing mysterious magic, the country is a heaven for holidaymakers. Apart from this, the Roman relics, baroque cathedrals, Muslim palaces and modern constructions speak of its architectural excellence. Lush green sliding mountains, glittering white villages and matchless beauty spread all across the country compel you to come here again and again. Staying in amazing Spain hotels is also another major attraction for visitors. The country is home to several wonderful and luxurious hotels which offer excellent services to their clients.

If you are in Benidorm, one of the most popular cities in the Alicante province, you have loads of accommodation options to choose from. Benidorm Spain hotels offer comfortable accommodations meeting all your requirements. Right from economy hotels to luxury hotels, the city offers you a huge selection. Equipped with all modern facilities and amenities, these hotels are available within your budget. Benidorm offers thousands of options for lodging. The city is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Spain. With so many hotels running in all corners, it never falls short of accommodation for its tourists even in peak season.


Best Ways to Choose a Travel Management Company

download-13Today, an organization needs comprehensive travel management solutions to meet its complex, urgent, and constant requirements. Hiring a travel management company for the same can help a company to completely outsource its tour and accommodation-related work. Look out for hiring a total service provider who will help you out with everything related to the field. However, as you will be entrusting this company with travel plans for your entire organization, it’s important that you hire a capable and reliable agency. Apart from being available 24/7, they should also be proactive in providing you good service.

Market Research

Before shortlisting and hiring companies, do some online research. If you have friends in other companies who can recommend you an agency, there’s nothing like it. Go to the BBB website and read about the complaints filed against them. Eliminate companies who have a large amount of negative reviews, and go for the ones which have been appreciated by people. This will help select the ‘best from the rest.’

List Out Requirements

It is essential that before you summon the travel management companies for interview, you must list out your requirements and expectations from them so that it will be easier for you to communicate and ask them the right questions. Do not leave anything to your imagination, and write down all the questions that may be in your mind. Ask them clearly whether they can arrange for travel to destinations that are difficult to travel.

Interview Companies

Call the company’s representatives for an interview. Prepare a questionnaire that will help clear all your doubts. Know about their number of years of experience, prominent clients, services offered, cost for a yearly contract, etc. Select a company that will match your requirements, budget, and will have a global reach.


For a big company who has frequent fliers, having a representative stationed in its premises may be a necessity. However, this may call for an expensive contract. Hence if you are an SME, you will have to communicate with them through email and phone. Hire an agency which is ready to offer a number of services at a reasonable cost. Conducting a cost-benefit ratio for all the companies will definitely help.

Negotiate Fees
Most of the companies whom you will interview will quote a higher price as you will hire them for the services of all employees of the company. The bigger the company, higher will be the quotation. However, use your transactional skills to negotiate an amount which will be in your budget. Having the name of your reputable company on their list of clients is also going to help you. So, hire a company that will be ready to negotiate the amount.


The services that they undertake are booking air fares, arranging for car rental, and arranging hotel accommodation. They also need to prepare travel documents for the employees who will take up traveling. They also have to ensure safety and security of the employees and undertake travel data management. Many large companies book air tickets for their clients using Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Some companies even offer packages where they enable employees to do their own bookings. Such companies charge relatively lesser than those who provide all the services.

Global Network

If the employees from your company need to travel abroad frequently, it is advisable that you hire an agency which will have global offices or partners who can help out in case of an emergency. For example, if an employee has his travel documents stolen in a foreign country, the travel management country should arrange for his papers in collaboration with their foreign counterpart. Hence, hire a company with global network and reach.

You should hire a company that is flexible and does not decline to work if there is an urgent requirement. If your CEO wants to suddenly travel to another state by flight to meet some important clients on Sunday night, the company should be in a position to arrange for his travel and hotel bookings. They should understand the gravity of the situation and work accordingly.

Ethics and Work Practices
It is important that the company you choose conducts business ethically and always puts the interest of your organization ahead of personal gains. They should try to give you maximum cost advantage on air fare and hotel bookings, using their network and not the other way round. Unnecessarily booking you on expensive flights and accommodations to gain commission should be avoided at all costs. They should have a work ethics policy in place and a system to monitor the monetary transactions.

Change Management
When you will interview the companies, know from them how comfortable they are while dealing with a sudden change in schedule. Suppose a senior management employee misses his plane back home due to an extended meeting, they should be able to arrange to book him on another or accommodate him in a good hotel immediately. All this has to be done while the person is waiting at the airport to hear about the arrangement. Hence, hire a company that is adept at change management.

Tracking System
Hire a company that has a travel booking and expense interface which will allow an employee to access it from any corner of the world. This is an important facility which is offered by many established companies today. It will help people to plan their official trips, list out the expenses incurred, and update the receipts. Hence, you should ideally go for a company that will offer this service.

Reliable Staff
The company representatives who will work with your organization need to understand your requirement and act accordingly. They need to have global knowledge, be proactive, and reliable. For example, if they come to know that a trip is not going to happen, they should cancel the bookings right away. They need to respect and adhere to your company’s travel policy.

Travel Insurance

It is important that the company you hire will offer and guide the employees regarding their travel insurance. There are some serious legal implications if the company does not take travel insurance for employees who will travel. Also, they need an authority to help them out through the various types of travel insurance policies and find the ones that suit them the best.

If your travel company enjoys cordial relations with the travel suppliers, you will be able to reap many benefits. You can get upgrades for air travel and hotels, priority for car availability, discounts on the charges, etc. Hence, hire a company that will enable you to make considerable savings through this


After finalizing the company, you will have to sign an agreement with them for a certain duration of time. It will include clauses like type of work, cost, dates of agreement, termination criteria, etc. If it is a relatively new company, try them out for six months initially before forging a long-term agreement with them. This will give you time to judge their performance and efficiency. Once you are convinced that they are really good at their work, you can extend the contract.

Performance Monitoring
As both parties will be new to the policies and procedure of each other’s working, it is advisable that you allocate a source from your company to help them out initially. Once they know the working of your company, start monitoring their performance so that you know you have done the right thing by hiring them.
Compare all the companies on every front before zeroing in on the right one. Now that you know how to select a travel management company, choose one which will offer you maximum advantage at an optimal cost and help save on the traveling expenses.

Ways to Stay at Luxury Hotels in Cornwall

download-12Cornwall is one of the most popular and favorite holiday destinations for people from all across the world. Since the county attracts large number of tourists each year, you can find wide selection of hotels in Cornwall ranging from luxury hotels to economic budget hotels. You can choose a hotel according to your need, preference, comfort and budget.

Situated in the extreme south west corner of United Kingdom, Cornwall is a beautiful county which has a lot to offer to all its visitors. It is known for its stunning coastline, pleasant warm climate, scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. There are many lively towns and charming villages in Cornwall which are worth visiting. Some of the major attractions in the Cornwall are St Michael’s Mount, The Eden Project, Tintagel Castle, Minack Theatre and the National Maritime Museum Falmouth. There are many great places and lovely parks which are great place for children and family outings, such as The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Pencarrow House and Gardens, Trelissick and Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park. If you’re looking for luxury hotels in Cornwall then you surely won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll have a wide array of choices to choose from. They offer you luxurious stay, excellent food, unparalleled services, mints on your pillows, attention to detail and a warm welcome. They make sure to offer the best of the best to satisfy all your specific needs and requirements. You would never feel like going back home after being pampered at these hotels.

Some of the luxury hotels in Cornwall which are truly breathtaking are Atlantic Hotel, Carlyon Bay Hotel, Elements Hotel and Restaurant, Meudon Hotel, Budock Vean-The Hotel on River and Rose-In-Vale Country House Hotel. These hotels in Cornwall offers all the elite amenities and world class facilities to all their guests including air conditioning, 24 hour room service, child & family friendly, pet friendly, water sports, spa on-site wireless internet, wheel chair access etc.

They are known for their unique style and royal treatment. Having a unique blend of tradition and modernity, these hotels take care of all your discerning tastes. Apart from this, the health and rejuvenation spas in these hotels take away all the tiredness and pain and offer you complete relaxation and peace of mind. So, book your hotel in Cornwall right away to spend the most memorable vacations of your life!!


Finding Hotel Services in Istanbul

The CVK Group, leveraging the knowledge and experience it has gained over the years in the mining sector, aims to grow in other areas. In 2010, it made its debut in the tourism sector via CVK Hotels & Resorts in Istanbul. This venture began by the acquisition of the Savoy Hotel in the Taksim Square area converted it into the “CVK Hotels Taksim”. With the same commitment to growth as in the mining industry, the Group has opened the Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul in 2013. Today, the Group operates two hotels, with a total capacity of 1,500, to serve its discriminating guests. Between now and 2020, CVK Hotels & Resorts intends to open 20 luxury hotels, both in Turkey as well as abroad, in accordance with its concept of luxury, with the vision of becoming the top hotel chain in the sector.

The brands comprising CVK Hotels & Resorts include Gumussuyu Restaurant, IZAKA Restaurant, Park Patisserie & Lounge, Hezarfen Cafe Bar Lounge, The People’s, TXM People’s, La Nouba, CVK Safira Spa, Spa La Blanca and CVK Park Prestige Suites.

About the CVK Group

The CVK Group, comprised of nine companies, has become a large conglomerate that, in keeping with its vision, has been contributing to the national economy for the past quarter of a century. As the largest owner of chrome mines in Turkey, the CVK Group, demonstrating its pioneering spirit and innovative breakthroughs, has become one of the most powerful mining groups in Turkey.

The CVK Group has built a strong international reputation for professional and successful management through its groundbreaking work in its main area of business, which is mining. Now, the Group has enlarged its vision of becoming one of Turkey’s shining stars in the business world by entering the key sectors of tourism, construction and real estate.

The CVK Group has come to the conclusion that the tourism, hospitality and recreation sectors are vital to the growth of Turkey and her economy and wants to make these segments the next main area of their concentration, after mining. The CVK Group’s, with its annual turnover of $500 million and employee base of 5,000 committed workers, has become one of the most important corporate communities in Turkey.


Choosing Restaurant Name Ideas

When you plan a dinner party or a luncheon date with someone and decide on a restaurant, what is the first thing about the restaurant that strikes you? The answer is pretty obvious. A restaurant is only as identifiable as its name. In case you are one of those people who is starting their own restaurant, it is important that you come up with some great ideas that you can use to pick out the best name for your restaurant.

Choosing a Restaurant Name

You know what process you need to undertake in order to open a restaurant. You are prepared with everything except for a catchy name for the restaurant. Well if you do not come up with a name as soon as possible, you could be in deep trouble, because a good name for your restaurant is very important to be a successful restaurateur. The name of a restaurant represents what it stands for. It is indicative of the concept, the cuisine, and the ambiance of the restaurant. In this section of the article, we give you a list of simple tips that will help you come up with different ideas for the name of your restaurant.

  • Firstly, it is important that you always have your target audience in mind. If you are aiming at the sophisticated group of the city, then naming your restaurant Cheesy Bites may not cut it. Similarly a fast food restaurant that is called La Dolce Vita, maybe slightly too much. Restaurant names should be decided depending on the kind of crowd you are expecting.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the concept of your restaurant. If you are opening an Italian restaurant or even a Mexican restaurant name, then you definitely cannot name your hotel, Chung Fa. It will be incongruous to say the least. One thing that may work in your favor is to name your restaurant in tandem with a geographical landmark.
  • Ask people for restaurant name suggestions. Try to be creative and come up with different and unique ideas for restaurant names. Check online, read books with ideas on names, etc. Do avoid naming your restaurant in a manner that is very similar to another well-known restaurant. Try to be as original as possible while naming your restaurant.
  • Remember to choose a name that will not get you into any sort of legal tangle. Ensure that you have complete rights to the name in question. This is extremely important.
  • Do avoid opting for restaurant names that are difficult to pronounce or remember. You want your guests to be able to remember the name with ease and spread the word amongst their friends and family. Opt for small names that are easy to pronounce.
  • If you are still unable to come up with suitable restaurant names ideas, then you could consider the option of hiring a specialist who can give you some great restaurant names.

List of Restaurant Names

Now that you know how to choose a name for your restaurant, given below is a list of ideas for restaurant names that you could take inspiration from. Some of these names are of existing restaurants, while others are ideas that you could play around with. Before starting a restaurant, it is important to come up with a good name in order to be able to identify with the place that you are going to put your heart and soul into.

Ideas for Restaurant Names

  • Name of the Owner’s Cafe
  • Name of the Owner’s Kitchen
  • Name of the Owner’s Place
  • Absolutely Delicious
  • Ambrosia
  • Aroma
  • Blarney Stone Cafe
  • Cafe Cuisine
  • Cafe Taste Buds
  • Catch of the Day
  • Cheesy Bites
  • Comfort Foods
  • Cornucopia
  • Dine Divine
  • Dinner Plate
  • Emerald Cafe
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Leprechaun’s Table
  • Limerick Buffet
  • Little Italy
  • Lofthouse
  • Luck of the Irish Cafe
  • Lunch House
  • Mapping the Kitchen
  • Olive
  • Shamrock Inn
  • Spice House
  • Spice Mystery
  • That Place in Name of the Town
  • The Dinner Table
  • The World of Yore
  • TitBits
  • Tummy Yummy
  • Two Asian Kitchens
  • Up and Above
  • Vintage Kitchen
  • WTF

While it may not seem so, but one of the best marketing tips for restaurants is to have a name that is intriguing and enticing to customers. While bouncing around different ideas for restaurant names, remember to keep this tip in mind. A good name generally translates to good business.

Choosing Restaurant Theme Ideas for You

It must be pretty exciting a venture to have finally opened your own restaurant. A lot of young chefs these days start out on their very own chain of restaurants, where the competition is cutthroat and dodging the overhead butcher knives is not a new maneuver. It is both an impressive and respectable business where it pays to be that good.

So now you’ve finally taken it upon yourself to start-up your own place and have been contemplating what kind of theme would strike a balance between you and your guests, when it comes to the feel and look of your restaurant. No worries, these restaurant theme ideas should have you mulling over out-of-the-box suggestions that you can get working on.

Theme Ideas for a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is not easy – it takes skill, practice and a drive to get you to where you want to be. And the driving force here isn’t money or a loan but, passion. Passion is an amazing driving force that allows us to push the envelope and surpass expectations and boundaries. So to kickstart your to-be mammoth restaurant, let’s see what kind of themes may work for you.

 Abstract Art Meets Arabian Nights Theme
Picture this, you have medium-sized to large blow up paintings of abstract art pieces, strategically placed in the sitting area and reception entrance, so that it doesn’t look too over the top. You can then have comfortable cushion chairs for tables with high-back seats with the same do up, to keep guests comfortable. You could have diwans and bean bags off to an area, like say the smoking part of the restaurant, with low tables and enough space to spread out and relax. The woodwork has an old feel to it, with something quite antique-y about it.

Tables are in polished heavy wood, with single candle holders centered on each table. Furniture is done in complete wood and Arabian-esque material, with tabletops sporting Persian cloths. It might be quite a contrasting theme, but if you keep the colors of the restaurant subdued, the artwork on the walls and your overall interiors should really stand out. Wallpaper too can have a sandpaper-y look to it, with muted colors to bring out the vibrant hues that the paintings will already imbue.

 Food Inspired Theme
Think about what kind of food you’re serving your guests – are you sticking to something strictly continental or regional? If you have a global fusion thing going on, try to encapsulate the theme of your restaurant using this as your base idea. Like say for example, if you are strictly serving Thai cuisine or Japanese food only, or maybe food that is solely Italian or French, circle that culture’s symbolic representation in your restaurant. Use cutlery and colors that speak of that culture, including the kind of furniture that translates into the same message. Give it a homely feel, adding dimmed lights and paintings that depict works from painters of that culture to give it a well-rounded effect for your theme.

 Nature Theme
With everyone going nuts over the going green initiative, you can style your restaurant circling around an organic and nature-esque demeanor. Place plants and fresh flowers on each table, leaf-embossed paint work, mini fountains, complimentary potpourri bags and organic materials like hemp, jute, and sisal for place mats and tabletop covers. Give guests that feeling of being outdoors while being indoors of course, by providing soft instrumental nature-inspired music, scented candles to saturate the air and refreshing herbal drinks before they start their meals. Why should only spas spark such calm and comfort?

 Retro Theme
No matter what age the crowd is that enters your restaurant, there’s nothing more reminiscent or fascinating about something that embodies an old-fashioned, gone-are-the-days kind of theme. Both the young and old can take pleasure in enjoying your sixties-inspired restaurant, with mini jukeboxes placed on each table – something like Applebee’s. Use your own spin when it comes to the look, with outdated stools, tables, checkered tabletop covers and wallpaper caricatures showcasing the best that there was in the music/movie business during the eighties. It’s comfortable, functional and above all fun if you want to cater to people of all ages with no specific food type to go with.

These restaurant theme suggestions should you give you an idea of how to style the interior of your restaurant, whether you’re revamping the place or starting from scratch. Throw around ideas with those who know about interior decorating, until you find a theme that you’ll love.

Ways to Write a Compelling Restaurant Review

Writing a restaurant review is very different from writing a food review. The entire process is like narrating a story that begins when you hear about the restaurant and ends when you eat, pay the bill, and leave its premises. A restaurant is not just about food, it’s about the overall ambiance, courteousness, comfort, and the satisfaction you receive as a customer.

You have to notice everything that comes along with the restaurant’s name. How did you end up knowing about the place? The things you’ve heard, the expectations you’ve had, the thoughts that filled your head when you entered the location and other things―setting, decor, staff, waiting time, serving time, billing time, price range, varieties in the menu, and everything else that is involved―that did or didn’t leave an impression on you. The following section gives you some essential points you must keep in mind to write a helpfully obligating restaurant review.

Essential Tips for Writing a Restaurant Review

When writing a review, that too of a place whose efficiency is marked by its ability to pamper its customers and compel them to associate the finest experience of dining with this place alone, you must ensure that you cover each and every aspect of this place sufficiently. You must begin with its background―what made you visit it? What was the vibe you got when you entered it; how was the staff and the crowd? Did the restaurant have a unique appealing factor to it, or was it as good as the other ones? Yes, there are a lot of things that you must cover, but there is no need to get intimidated by the process. The following points will help you get it just right.

Hide Your Reviewer’s Status
You don’t want them to get even the slightest idea that you’re here to scrutinize their place! A minimal doubt is enough for them to bestow some extraordinary services and gestures that an average customer will never be able to get, thus, making your review a total sham. To be more convincing, it is always better to go with a friend, preferably someone who knows his/her food and everything else that comes along with it. Let them think you’re on a date, while you’re busy remembering the events of this place on this date!

The Writing Order to Follow
Never ever take notes or do anything that warns the restaurant staff of who you are. But, it is also important to precisely remember how your experience is progressing throughout. This includes everything from the restaurant’s background knowledge to the present events.

  • How easily accessible is the location? Is the neighborhood friendly?
  • How did the ambiance and atmosphere of the place make you feel―warm, casual, opulent, or ordinary?
  • Were the tables booked? If no, how long did you have to wait to get one?
  • Was the staff courteous? Were the tables set properly, the linens clean and well-put?
  • Did the menu give you a lot of options, was it stimulating enough for a food lover’s appetite?
  • Was the staff well-dressed and well-trained? Did the server know of the food and ingredients in the menu?
  • How long did it take to serve the food? Was it sufficiently warm, or served cold? How were the portions? Were the flavors, ingredients, and presentation up to the mark?
  • The atmosphere, service, and the food combined, is it worth the money you ended up spending?

These were the basic steps on how to write a restaurant review. The next points will tell you what makes a review, a good one.

Use the Right Descriptive Words
A restaurant is like a story with characters, plots, and has the power to influence your mind to either love it or leave it. Therefore, your review should be a descriptive one. Understand that as a writer, you must be successful in putting across intangible feelings that a fine dining experience brings about. Use lots and lots of descriptive words, but in the right manner.

For instance, ‘flavorsome’ may be used for something delicious and pleasing to the taste, but also for something that is aversive to the mouth! Instead, using words like delectable, scrumptious, heavenly, toothsome, and the like―that too if used when the food has the power to actually make you feel that you’ve indulged in supernal cuisine―is more appropriate.

Keep It Real, Don’t Exaggerate!
Most reviewers tend to go overboard when it comes to criticism. Just because the waiter accidentally spilled a drop of wine while pouring your glass, doesn’t make it a bad restaurant! While you are not expected to give a neutral feedback too, try not to make it your prime motive to rip off the eatery’s reputation unless your words do not reflect sheer exaggeration! If you expected the waiter to refill your glass as soon as you consumed the last sip, and he came after a minute, don’t write that the waiters didn’t bother to keep a tab on your drink and that you had to call them and wait for 20 minutes to get a refill. Trust us when we say, exaggeration in any review is very easy to detect.

Personalize, Don’t Over-personalize!
We did mention this right at the beginning, didn’t we? Your review must have your personality in it. You’re not writing about shares; you’re talking about food and comfort, which is personal and emotional. However, make sure that you stick to the restaurant, and not yourself. Potential customers don’t want to know if you were underdressed or overdressed, if your perfume went well with the ambiance, or if your car broke out while reaching the place! Talk about the restaurant. How did it look from outside―friendly, spooky, or divine? The artwork, interior, music, hospitality―was it enough to make you feel like a royal? Remember, it is the restaurant’s review, not yours!

Enumerate the Pros and Cons
Every coin has two sides; even the not-so-good restaurants will have something good in their kitty. You need to balance out the events and divide them into the favorable and not-so-favorable section. For instance, if the food took longer than expected to reach your plate, but it tastes like something you’ve never eaten in a long time, purely gratifying and divine, stirring your senses and making each bite enjoyable, it is worth the wait, isn’t it? There are these places you see, where diners willingly wait to indulge in a cuisine they know is absolutely out of this world. On the other hand, if the delivery is super fast, but that doesn’t do anything else except for satiating your hunger with some ordinary flavors, you wouldn’t consider that to be unique, would you?

Evaluate the Value for Money
The best things in life are free … well, not always! While a divine dining experience cannot be measured in monetary terms, but at the end of the day, what you get should be worth what you spend. Evaluate it well so that you can help the future customers decide their budget accordingly.

Note every element, billed and unbilled―the complimentary drinks, chocolates, bread, cookies, sauces, etc. The staff’s efforts to make you feel special and appreciated, the band that did its best to relax your mood and enjoy the time spent―make sure all these things are taken into consideration before you move on to the next step.

Set Down the Final Verdict
In most cases, your final verdict would be the only thing people would actually pay attention to. It would be better if the basis of your decision is clear to the readers. For example, you could write something like, “If a good restaurant is all about atmosphere and décor, and not about exquisite food, this place is definitely bang on. However, not a compelling recommendation for those who drive in for delectable cuisines more than anything else.” Or, “It is a nice place to sweep your lady love off her feet, but it’ll also sweep off your entire wallet along.” Be as honest and transparent with the readers while passing your final judgment.

On a final note, don’t forget to mention what you ate, or if the place is known for a specialized cuisine. Remember, the reason you’re reviewing a restaurant in the first place is to help other food lovers decide if they should consider taking out some time to visit a place, which like every other place, claims to be the best. The fact that you arrange it chronologically just helps the readers relate to your overall experience, and associate with your verdict. We believe this task to be among the noblest tasks ever. Do it with all your heart and sincerity, and let the worthy eateries be the most crowded ones. Bon appétit!

Ways to Choose a Good Bed and Breakfast

Traditionally speaking, bed and breakfast-styled accommodations offered basic amenities at affordable costs. They’d mostly be run by families, letting out the extra rooms in their home to guests, as a means to earn money and enjoy the company of travelers from distant places.

They’ve become more stylized with the passage of time to cater to the challenges of modern tourism. Now, you’ll find these B&Bs have sprung up almost everywhere; some catering to budget travelers, whereas others serving high-end luxury seekers. What were once homely inns, have now become chic boutique hotels. You’ll find some unique B&Bs set up in heritage structures, with most retaining their old-world charm.

So, how do you go about choosing the one that’s best for you? Well, it won’t be much of a hassle after you’ve gone through these handy tips.

How to Choose the Right Bed and Breakfast

Check if their rooms have en-suite bathrooms

In the traditional sense, B&Bs were just a bunch of spare rooms in a family’s house which were let out to guests. Many of these, even today, do not have en-suite facilities. In case you can’t conceive the idea of sharing a bathroom with strangers, do clear up this aspect before you book.

Check if they allow pets

Pet owners mostly tend to find favor with like-minded B&B owners who don’t mind the guests bringing their pets along. This generosity is hard to find in most hotels, and in the rare event that you do, keeping a pet at the hotel ferociously escalates the cost. Pet-friendly B&Bs are a dream come true for animal lovers, so if you are one yourself, it’ll be easy to find the perfect accommodation.

Check if they allow children

Yes, you read that right. There are quite a few B&Bs that aren’t too keen on having young guests below the age of 12 on their property. So, if you plan to travel with young kids, take extra caution with your research.

Check if they provide ‘modern’ amenities

As these are small scale establishments, you may not find some amenities that you’d otherwise take for granted. These include Wi-Fi, televisions, hair dryers, and even room service. Swimming pools, gyms, and coffee shops may also be beyond a mention. There could be some establishments that do not allow smoking on their premises. If you simply can’t live without modern comforts such as these, ensure that the place of your choice provides them.

Check if they have heating/cooling systems

Most B&Bs are set up in heritage structures, and may not have modernized central heating or cooling. This may especially be true of inns in remote, rural areas. Therefore, it would be prudent to make inquiries about the same beforehand.

Questions to Ask Before You Book
Are the check-in/check-out times (at least a little) flexible?

Remember that most B&Bs are houses, so you may not find the detached professionalism of hotels in here. Leaving or entering the establishment at odd hours may not be acceptable to the owner.

Is the building handicap-accessible?

If the inn is set up in a heritage structure, chances are that it may not provide such facilities. However, there are a lot of B&Bs that are sprucing up their infrastructure in order to welcome more and more people.

Is the breakfast charged separately?

Laugh as you want to, but this is a valid question. Some establishments actually have a separate charge for breakfast meals. This is because certain visitors may not wish to adhere to the traditional B&B services. And while you’re at it, also inquire if they have a service that provides other meals during the day as well.

Do you include any promotional sightseeing/tours?

Certain B&Bs are seeped in tradition, with several houses or towns having a rich history. Ask if they also include a tour of the estate grounds (if applicable) or the town.

What are your cancellation policies?
Again, do not expect the swift percentile calculations of the bigger hotels here. Most homegrown B&Bs may not even have a website (especially in rural Europe), so it is better to clarify all doubts related to monetary transactions. Also, do not assume that they will necessarily accept credit cards.

Bed and breakfasts are typically suited for those who appreciate local art and history, mingling with the community, and wish for homely hospitality on their holiday. If you think you’re one such person, reserve a room at a cozy B&B on your next holiday.

Finding Luxury Spa Hotels In Paris City

Among the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the city of Paris is full of art, romance and all things exquisite. With romantic walks along the Seine, a glass of wine overlooking the Eiffel Tower, people watching from one of their many popular cafes; the city of Paris has some elegant experiences waiting to be experienced by the quintessential traveler.

Things to See

The best way to fall in love with the city is by visiting some of its famous spots such as the Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre – house of some exquisite pieces of art including the Mona Lisa; the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe.

Things to Do

While your upcoming trip to Paris is packed with some truly French experiences such as wine and cheese tasting, painting by the River Seine or simply walking through the labyrinthine streets of the world’s most romantic city, make sure you also account for some of the upcoming events that will further enhance your stay in the city.

  1. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe – One of the most awaited horse race experiences of the year, this event is a part of the World Series Racing Championships. Especially popular among the British, attending this event is an excellent way to see a wonderful display of hats and champagne coolers.
  2. Nuit Blanche – Every year for one night in October, in Paris as well as most parts of France, famous museums, monuments, parks, pools and cinemas remain open all night as millions of locals and tourists celebrate Nuit Blanche. This event it typically concluded with a lay on breakfast at city hall.

In addition to this, make sure you visit the Le Jardin Shakespeare’s Open Air Theatre that hosts several events every year in October.

Living it up at a Luxury Spa Hotel in Paris City

Home to some very elegant luxurious boutique hotels in Paris, the best way to make the most of your trip here is by making reservations at a Luxury Spa Hotel. The Luxury spa hotels in Paris offer some excellent modern amenities for an outstanding French experience. With world renowned restaurants, spa experiences, and views to some of Paris’ most famous monuments, it is an experience worth having.

You will find some of the most elegant hotels in Paris which once housed famous personalities such as Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.